Concert Rehearsal

Concert Rehearsal

Audition Requirements  

Your audition will include the following:  

  • Prepared piece. Select a piece that you feel best demonstrates your vocal ability. Depending on the applicant, prepared pieces vary from virtuosic arias and art songs to popular and Broadway songs to simple hymns and folk songs. In addition to a copy for yourself, you will need to provide one copy of the music, in the key you will be singing, for accompaniment. Memorization is not required.  
  • Vocalization. You will be asked to vocalize to determine range and vocal qualities.  
  • Sight-reading. You will be asked to sight-read a short, simple musical selection. You will not be expected to sight-read without piano accompaniment.  
  • Foreign language pronunciation. The music director will pronounce a few words or phrases in Latin, German, Italian or French. You will be asked to repeat them.  

A typical audition is 10 minutes long. The only people present will be you and the music director who will also be your accompanist.  

The Asheville Choral Society welcomes members without regard to age, race, sex, creed, or sexual orientation.  

How to Apply for an Audition  

To apply for an audition, please complete the following online audition questionnaire, after which you will be contacted to confirm that we have received your request. Once dates have been set, you will be contacted again to schedule your audition. Click the link below to access the online application form: 


If you have any questions or have difficulty with the form, please call the ACS office at (828) 232-2060. or email us using the contact form.